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Film (Actor)YearCharacter
The Doorman2020Jon Stanton
American Pastoral2016Jerry Levov
Tank 4322016Reeves
The Boy2016Malcolm
The Messenger 2015Martin
The Canal2014David Williams
A Gun (Short)2014Tilton
The Incident2012George
Elfie Hopkins2012Charlie Gammon
This Is David Conrad (Short)2011David Conrad
Unconditional (Short)2011Jimmy
Sidney Turtlebaum (Short)2008Tristram Shapeero
Hellboy2004John Myers
Otto (Short)Otto

Television (Director)EpisodeDate
CharmedThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Sandwich (episode 4.5)8th April 2022
CharmedNo Hablo Brujeria (episode 3.9)11th April 2021
CharmedDon't Look Back in Anger (episode 2.18)17th April 2020

Television (Actor)Episode/Season/SeriesYear/DateCharacter
CharmedThe End Is Never the End (episode 4.13)10th June 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedBe Kind. Rewind (episode 4.12)3rd June 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedDivine Secrets of the O.G. Sisterhood (episode 4.11)27th May 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedHashing It Out (episode 4.10)20th May 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedTruth or Cares (episode 4.9)13th May 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedUnveiled (episode 4.8)6th May 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedCats and Camels and Elephants, Oh My... (episode 4.7)29th April 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Tallyman Cometh (episode 4.6)15th April 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Sandwich (episode 4.5)8th April 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedRipples (episode 4.4)1st April 2022Harry Greenwood
BridgertonA Bee in Your Bonnet (episode 2.3)25th March 2022Lord Edmund Bridgerton
CharmedUnlucky Charmed (episode 4.3)25th March 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedYou Can't Go Home Again (episode 4.2)18th March 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedNot That Girl (episode 4.1)11th March 2022Harry Greenwood
CharmedI Dreamed a Dream.. (episode 3.18)23rd July 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Storm Before the Calm (episode 3.17)16th July 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedWhat to Expect When You're Expecting the Apocalypse (episode 3.16)25th June 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedSchrodinger's Future (episode 3.15)18th June 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedPerfecti Is the Enemy of Good (episode 3.14)11th June 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedChaos Theory (episode 3.13)21st May 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedSpectral Healing (episode 3.12)14th May 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedWitchful Thinking (episode 3.11)7th May 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedBruja-Ha (episode 3.10)18th April 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedNo Hablo Brujeria (episode 3.9)11th April 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedO, The Tangled Web (episode 3.8)28th March 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedWitch Way Out (episode 3.7)21st March 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedPrivate Enemy No. 1 (episode 3.6)14th March 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedYew Do You (episode 3.5)28th February 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedYou Can't Touch This (episode 3.4)21st February 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedTriage (episode 3.3)14th February 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedSomeone's Going to Die (episode 3.2)31st January 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedAn Inconvenient Truth (episode 3.1)24th January 2021Harry Greenwood
CharmedUnsafe Space (episode 2.19)1st May 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedDon't Look Back In Anger (episode 2.18)17th April 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedSearch Party (episode 2.17)10th April 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Enemy of My Frenemy (episode 2.16)3rd April 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedThird Time's the Charm (episode 2.15)27th March 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedSudden Death (episode 2.14)28th February 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedBreaking the Cycle (episode 2.13)21st February 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedNeeds to Know (episode 2.12)7th February 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedDance Like No One Is Witching (episode 2.11) 31st January 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedDance Like No One is Witching (episode 2.10)24th January 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedGuess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle (episode 2.9)17th January 2020Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Rules of Engagement (episode 2.8)6th December 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedPast Is Present (episode 2.7)22nd November 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedWhen Sparks Fly (episode 2.6)15th November 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Truth About Kat and Dogs (episode 2.5)8th November 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedDeconstructing Harry (episode 2.4)1st November 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedCareful What You Witch For (episode 2.3)25th October 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedThings to Do in Seattle When You're Dead (episode 2.2)18th October 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedSafe Space (episode 2.1)11th October 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedThe Source Awakens (episode 1.22)19th May 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedRed Rain (episode 1.21)12th May 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedAmbush (episode 1.20)4th May 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedSource Material (episode 1.19)28th April 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedSurrender (episode 1.17)31st March 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedMemento Mori (episode 1.16)24th March 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedSwitches and Stones (episode 1.15)17th March 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedTouched by a Demon (episode 1.14)10th March 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedManic Pixie Nightmare (episode 1.13)3rd March 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedYou're Dead To Me (episode 1.12)17th February 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedWitch Perfect (episode 1.11)27th January 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedKeep Calm and Harry On (episode 1.10)20th January 2019Harry Greenwood
CharmedJingle Hell (episode 1.9)9th December 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedBug A Boo (episode 1.8)2nd December 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedOut of Scythe (episode 1.7)25th November 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedKappa Spirit (episode 1.6)18th November 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedOther Women (episode 1.5)11th November 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedExorcise Your Demons (episode 1.4)4th November 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedSweet Tooth (episode 1.3)28th October 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedLet This Mother Out (episode 1.2)21st October 2018Harry Greenwood
CharmedPilot (episode 1.1)14th October 2018Harry Greenwood
The Man in the High CastleBaku (episode 3.9)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleKasumi (Through the Mists) (episode 3.8)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleExcess Animus (episode 3.7)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleHistory Ends (episode 3.6)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe New Colossus (episode 3.5)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleSabra (episode 3.4)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleSensô Kôi (episode 3.3)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleImagine Manchuria (episode 3.2)5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleNow More Than Ever, We Care About You (episode 3.1) 5th October 2018Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleDetonation (episode 2.9)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleLoose Lips (episode 2.8)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleLand O' Smiles (episode 2.7)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleKintsugi (episode 2.6)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleDuck and Cover (episode 2.5)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleEscalation (episode 2.4)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleTravelers (episode 2.3)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe Road Less Traveled (episode 2.2)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe Tiger's Cave (episode 2.1)16th December 2016Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleA Way Out (episode 1.10)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleKindness (episode 1.9)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleEnd of the World (episode 1.8)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleTruth (episode 1.7)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThree Monkeys (episode 1.6)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe New Normal (episode 1.5)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleRevelations (episode 1.4)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe Illustrated Woman (episode 1.3)20th November 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleSunrise (episode 1.2)23rd January 2015Frank Frink
The Man in the High CastleThe New World (episode 1.1)15th January 2015Frank Frink
The Villageepisode 2.614th September 2014Edmund Allingham
The SecretsThe Conversation (episode 1.2)8th September 2014Tom
The Villageepisode 2.57th September 2014Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 2.431st August 2014Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 2.324th August 2014Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 2.217th August 2014Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 2.110th August 2014Edmund Allingham
RogueOh Sarah (episode 2.9)23rd July 2014Elliot
RogueThe Last Supper (episode 2.7)9th July 2014Elliot
RogueK****** a* Arab (episode 2.6)2nd July 2014Elliot
RogueCruising (episode 2.5)25th June 2014Elliot
RogueHooker (episode 2.4)18th June 2014Elliot
RogueYou Just Get Used to It (episode 2.3) 11th June 2014Elliot
RogueSaints of the Dead (episode 2.2)4th June 2014Elliot
Flemingepisode 1.45th March 2014Peter Fleming
Flemingepisode 1.326th February 2014Peter Fleming
Flemingepisode 1.224th February 2014Peter Fleming
Flemingepisode 1.112th February 2014Peter Fleming
Lucanepisode 1.218th December 2013Dominick Elwes
Lucanepisode 1.111th December 2013Dominick Elwes
PoirotThe Labours Of Hercules (episode 13.4)6th November 2013Harold Waring
The Villageepisode 1.65th May 2013Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 1.528th April 2013Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 1.421st April 2013Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 1.314th April 2013Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 1.27th April 2013Edmund Allingham
The Villageepisode 1.131st March 2013Godwyn
World Without EndCheckmate (episode 1.8)23rd October 2012Godwyn
World Without EndQueen (episode 1.7)16th October 2012Godwyn
World Without EndRook (episode 1.6)9th October 2012Godwyn
World Without EndPawns episode (episode 1.5)2nd October 2012Godwyn
World Without EndCheck (episode 1.4)25th September 2012Godwyn
World Without EndPrior (episode 1.3)18th September 2012Godwyn
World Without EndKing (episode 1.2)11th September 2012Godwyn
World Without EndKnight (episode 1.1)4th September 2012Godwyn
The Little Houseepisode 1.28th November 2010Patrick
The Little Houseepisode 1.11st November 2010Patrick
Emma episode 1.425th October 2009 Frank Churchill
Emma episode 1.318th October 2009Frank Churchill
Emma episode 1.211th October 2009Frank Churchill
Monday Mondayepisode 1.724th August 2009Michael Anderson
The Palaceepisode 1.83rd March 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.725th February 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.618th February 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.511th February 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.44th February 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.328th January 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.221st January 2008King Richard IV
The Palaceepisode 1.114th January 2008King Richard IV
ShakespeaRe-Told: A Midsummer Night's Dream episode 1.428th November 2005Zander
Fingersmithepisode 1.310th April 2005Richard 'Gentleman' Rivers
Fingersmithepisode 1.23rd April 2005Richard 'Gentleman' Rivers
Fingersmithepisode 1.127th March 2005Richard 'Gentleman' Rivers
North and Southepisode 1.45th December 2004Frederick Hale
North and Southepisode 1.328th November 2004Frederick Hale
North and Southepisode 1.221st November 2004Frederick Hale
Rockaceepisode 2.827th July 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.713th July 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.629th June 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.522nd June 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.415th June 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.38th June 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.21st June 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 2.125th May 2003Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.617th April 2002Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.510th April 2002Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.43rd April 2002Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.326th March 2002Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.220th March 2002Jamie Doughan
Rockaceepisode 1.113th March 2002Jamie Doughan
High StakesFather Figure (episode 2.2)2002Charlie
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.66th August 2002Toby Edwards
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.530th July 2002Toby Edwards
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.423rd July 2002Toby Edwards
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.316th July 2002Toby Edwards
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.29th July 2002Toby Edwards
Paradise Heightsepisode 1.12nd July 2002Toby Edwards
LexxPrime Ridge (episode 4.14)15th February 2002Cleasby
Home and Away18th October 2001Robbie Jamieson
Home and Away3rd September 2001Robbie Jamieson
My FamilyAll Roads Lead to Ramon (episode 2.1)31st August 2001Tom
Home and Away30th August 2001Robbie Jamieson

TV Movie (Actor)DateCharacter
Sons and Lovers12th January 2003Paul Morel
Crime and Punishment12th February 2002 First Student

Documentary (Television) (Hosting)Date
World Without End17th October 2012

Documentary (Television)EpisodeYear
BiographyHouse of Versace2002

Documentary (Television) (Appearance)EpisodeDate
The South Bank ShowRomeo and Juliet11th June 2006

Commercials (Actor)Date
Toyota: Hybrid Harrier8th September 2014
Toyota: Hybrid Harrier7th September 2014

Commercial (Internet) (Video) (Actor)Date
CW Open To All31st January 2019

Commercials (Voice)
Euro Channel: The Shuttle
Street Car

TV InterviewsYear/Date
What to Watch23rd January 2017
Sky News12th February 2014
This Morning16th April 2013
This Morning4th November 2010
Saturday Kitchen3rd October 2009
Richard and Judy February 2008
Loose Woman5th February 2008

Theatre (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Fear18th June-14th July 2012Gerald
24 Hour Plays: Under the Same Roof21st November 2010Dusty
Life is a Dream8th October-28th November 2009Astolfo
His Ghostly Heart16th-18th October 2008Tom
A Kiss of the Spiderwoman2007Valentin
King John November 2006Lewis the Dauphin
Romeo and Juliet13th-18th November 2006Romeo
King John July-October 2006 Lewis the Dauphin
Romeo and Juliet6th April-14th October 2006Romeo
Breathing Corpses24th February-26th March 2005Charlie
Sweet Panic 2005Richard
Venetian Heat 2000 Mario
A View from a Bridge 2000 Rodolpho
Chicken Soup and Barley 2000 Dave Simmons
La Dame Aux Lamelias 2000 Saint Gaudens
Romeo and Juliet 2000 Sampson
Stags and Hens 2000 Kav
Tales From Vienna Woods 2000 Alfred
Peter Pan9th March 1985John

Public ReadingDate
Fight for Sight2nd December 2014
The Josephine Hart Poetry Hour: First World War Poets30th June 2014
The Royal United Services Institute: An Evening of Great War Poetry 16th April 2014
Josephine Hart Poetry Reading2nd June 2013
Josephine Hart Poetry Reading10th October 2012
Josephine Hart Poetry Reading: WWI Poetry 2nd June 2011
Josephine Hart Poetry Reading 1st December 2009

Radio Plays (Voice) (Actor)EpisodeDateCharacter
Electric DecadeThe Alice B Toklas Cookbook: Onion Soup (episode 1.1)24th August 2020Man Ray
Long Day's Journey Into Night 25th June 2017Jamie Tyrone
The Dark Earth and the Light Sky8th April 2017Robert Frost
Time and the Conways 14th September 2014Alan Conway
The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen24th-28th February 2014Henry
The Great ScottWaverley (episode 1.3)4th May 2013Waverley
A Month In the Country 20th November 2010Birkin
Going to Ground10th July 2010Pye
Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour30th March 2008Soapey
Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour23rd March 2008Soapey

Radio (Book Reading) (Voice)EpisodeDateCharacter
Friday Night Is Music NightA Christmas Carol23rd December 2016Fred
Friday Night Is Music NightRSC 50th Anniversary Celebration10th June 2011
BBC PromsA Shrophire Lad 29th July 2008

Radio InterviewsDate
The Arts Show17th January 2016
Phil Kennedy23rd December 2016
The Janice Forsyth Show19th December 2016
The Big Friday Show16th December 2016
Dominic King16th December 2016
Afternoon Edition15th December 2016
Entertainment Weekly 21st July 2016
The Jolt With Larry Flick20th January 2016
Entertainment Weekly Morning Live20th January 2016
Steve Wright in the Afternoon 17th November 2015

Podcast InterviewsDate
Story and Craft With Marc Preston17th May 2022
Screen to Screen14th April 2022

Audio Book (Voice) (Actor)SeriesDateCharacter
Counter-MeasuresSeries 331st July 2014Jack Maddocks

Video Games (Voice)DateCharacter
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut 31st May 2014Nine-One-Nine
Fable: The Journey9th October 2012Additional Voices
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West8th October 2010Additional Voices
Haze20th May 2008Sergeant Morgan Duvall/Additional Voices

Internet Interviews (Videos)Year/Date
Popternative24th April 2022
The CW Network10th March 2022
The CW Network9th March 2022
The CW Network13th April 2021
The CW Network5th March 2021
Cosmote TV15th February 2021
Lubii23rd September 2020
Entertainment Weekly11th October 2019
Entertainment Tonight Live8th October 2019
CW Television Network19th October 2018
CW Television Network12th September 2018
The Fan Carpet16th December 2016
Rotten Tomatoes 14th December 2016
Collider14th December 2016
Paul Amadeus Lane7th August 2016
Cherry Davis3rd August 2016
With An Accent30th July 2016
TV After Dark29th July 2016
Nerdophiles28th July 2016
Fandom28th July 2016
That's Normal27th July 2016
Seat42F22nd July 2016
Blastr22nd July 2016
IGN21st July 2016
After Buzz21st July 2016
IGN21st July 2016
Associated Press 9th February 2016
Behind The Velvet Rope22nd January 2016
Huffington Post19th January 2016
Screen Slam13th January 2016
Red Carpet News TV17th November 2015
Red Carpet News TV17th November 2015
TheMCMBuzz13th November 2015
The Red Carpet Awards3rd November 2015
Amazon Studios: The Man in the High Castle: Season 19th October 2015
Shockya22nd May 2015
Red Carpet News TV28th August 2014
Dorri Olds24th April 2014
The Gentlemen Journal 8th April 2013
Press Association Ents12th March 2013
MSN12th March 2013
Hand Picked Media TV24th January 2013
Red Carpet News TV16th April 2012
Cristopher Lapp 3rd April 2012
Donmar Warehouse: Life is a DreamDecember 2009

Mater Class (Internet)Date
Milton Abbey School: An Evening With Rupert Evans13th March 2021

Internet Programme (Interview)Date
AOL Build19th January 2016

Internet (Instagram) (Live) (Interview)Date
Charmed Season 230th April 2020

Message (Video) (Internet)Date
St Marylebone Parish Church24th January 2022
Charmed Season 37th October 2020

Awards Show (Presenting) Date
2017 Jameson Empire Awards19th March 2017
70th British Academy Film Awards12th February 2017

Featurettes (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray) (Interviews)Year
American Pastoral: Adapting an American Classic2017
American Pastoral: Making the American Dream 2017
The Boy: Directing the Boy2016
Making of Fleming2015
Emma: Emma’s Costumes2009
Fingersmith: Behind the Scenes2004
Hellboy: The Seeds of Creation 2004

Exhibition (Launching)Date
Lyme Park: 1920s28th October 2014

San Diego Comic-Con International 2016The Man in the High Castle21st July 2016

New York Comic-Con International 20196th October 2019
San Diego Comic-Con International 201621st July 2016
San Diego Comic-Con International 201510th July 2015

Conventions (Internet) (Streaming)Date
WonderCon At Home 202127th March 2021

Panel (Television)Date
2018 Summer Television Critics Association Tour6th August 2018

Instagram (Take Over)Date
Charmed Season 311th April 2021
Charmed Season 217th April 2020
Charmed Season 121st October 2018
The Man in the High Castle Season 21st September 2016

Bowl Cancer UK25th April 2017

Print Advert (Internet) (Charity)Date
Bowl Cancer UK8th April 2019

Photography (Instagram)Date
Rupert Evans: Official Instagram Account21st September 2011

Trading Card (Film)Year

Theatre Programme (Front Cover)Date
Romeo and Juliet13th-18th November 2006
Romeo and Juliet6th April-14th October 2006

Book (Front Cover) (Print)Year
World Without End2012

Book (Print) (Photo)Date
The Man in the High Castle: Creating the Alt World17th December 2019